A blockbot to show a particular users' blockers.
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Misskey BlockBot (WIP)

Misskey Blockbot is a dead-ass simple and "customizable" block reporting bot for Misskey.


This bot's main purpose is to post a periodic report to an specific user about the people who have blocked him/her. Mind you, this is a WIP so there's still work to do. For the time being, it'll work for the instance admin.


To set up this bot you need to have python3, pip and git installed in your environment. Also, you need the access token for the bot account in your Misskey instance. And last but not least, you need access to the server and database credentials. tl;dr, you need to be the instance and server owner ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • First, install Python, Git, pip, etc.

    sudo apt get update
    sudo apt install git python3 pip
  • Clone the repository, copy or rename the example.config.json to config.json, and read the code, please. Try to understand it, it's simple.

    git clone 'https://git.cachapa.xyz/captain_arepa/misskey-blockbot.git'
    cd misskey-blockbot/
    cp example.config.json config.json
  • Modify the config.json with the credentials and data necessary to make to bot work.

  • Set up the virtual environment for the bot.

    python -m venv venv
    source venv/bin/activate
    pip install --upgrade pip
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Make the run.sh executable, and the run it with the desire frequency.

    sudo chmod +x run.sh
  • Conversely, you could clone the repository to your local machine and run it from there, or deploy via rsync it to your remote server using the deploy.sh script. For this option I highly recommend to set up a custom host configuration in your .ssh folder.

    sudo chmod +d deploy.sh
    ./deploy.sh <your-server-username> <your-server-host> <target-directory>

How to use it

First, you have to set a few values in the config file. They're pretty self explanatory if you read the example.config.json

  • mk_username: this is the user whose blocks will be fetched (i.e. the instance admin in this case).
  • mk_token: this is the bot's account generated token.
  • The message's visibility follows Misskey's convention:
    • public: posts on the instance's public timeline.
    • home: posts only to your home timeline.
    • followers: posts will be only visible to the bot's followers.
    • local_only: if true, the bot's posts won't federate to other instances.
  • no_block_text: in case you want to brag about being a block virgin.
  • block_count_text: in case you want to brag about how many people have blocked you.
  • last_block_text: in case you want to snitch on the last person who blocked you.
  • use_ssh: set to true if you will run this bot from your local machine, otherwise set it to false.
  • In case you're running the bot from your local machine, set the tunnel's address to your remote server IP.
  • In case you're using remote IP address for the database (i.e. a different server), and/or are using custom ports, change them accordingly.

In order to run the bot, you can set the frequency using crontab or whatever service you use. I personally set up crontab the following way:

05 00 1 * * /absolute/path/to/run.sh MONTHLY >> "/absolute/path/to/log.txt" 2>&1 #this will also run every 1st day of every month at 00:05 UTC
50 23 * * 0 /absolute/path/to/run.sh WEEKLY >> "/absolute/path/to/log.txt" 2>&1 #this will run every Sunday at 23:50 UTC
55 23 * * * /absolute/path/to/run.sh DAILY >> "/absolute/path/to/log.txt" 2>&1 #this will run every day at 23:55 UTC


  • Lots of stuff, this is a WIP, I'll come up with stuff later, I'm tired, lmao.