Pleroma frontend

Updated 15 hours ago

For file upload stuff

Updated 24 hours ago

Soapbox mirror

Updated 5 days ago

Fork of pleroma-fe for akkoma; changes a whole bunch and we probably need a proper new name for it

Updated 3 weeks ago

The Simplest VPN installer, designed for Raspberry Pi

Updated 1 month ago

FE for

Updated 2 months ago

Synapse storage provider to fetch and store media in Amazon S3

Updated 2 months ago

mirror for yuzu emulator

Updated 3 months ago

Thanks to nigger kikes who ruin everything

Updated 4 months ago

Gelbooru bot for Misskey

Updated 7 months ago

*booru bot for Misskey.

Updated 7 months ago

Fork of Mirror for Misske scripts and stuff

Updated 9 months ago

Hugo site with information regarding

Updated 9 months ago