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This library is the Core of MiPA.

MiPAC is an Api Wrapper that supports Misskey v11, 12, and 13. It absorbs API differences between versions, etc., which you don't have to worry about originally.

Extensive work is currently underway. Please see here for more information. If you are installing from GitHub for some reason, we recommend using the shared branch with the following command. pip install git+

Supported Misskey

Indicators of support

status meaning
Operation verified, priority support
confirmation of operation, add support for features as and when issues, etc. come in.
× Not supported and not intended for use
name version supported
Misskey Official v13 or later
Misskey Official v12
Misskey Official v11

If you are using a non-official Fork and it is not working properly, please send us a link to your Fork repository and server in an Issue and we may be able to assist you.


MiPAC has two repositories, PyPi and its own repository, PyPi is released after it is relatively stable, while the own repository is built and released with each commit.

We hope you will use whichever you prefer.

#stable build(recommended)
pip install mipac

#latest build
pip install --extra-index-url mipac
import asyncio

from mipac.client import Client

async def main():
    client = Client(url, token)
    await client.http.login()
    api = client.api
    note = await api.note.action.send('Hello World')
    print(, note.content)

if __name__ == '__main__':


Some server (instance) versions may not work properly.

One of the features of MiPAC is that it is created so that you do not have to worry about the changes that occur in each version of v11, v12, and v13 as much as possible. However, even in v13, which is the current latest version, some items have been removed or increased within v13. As a result, there may be some parts that have not been fully followed. Therefore, if you find such items, please send an Issue with the version of the server you are using and the name of the endpoint that cannot be used.

It is not expected that you will instantiate the model yourself

MiPAC models often take client as a keyword argument and use it to generate the api property. However, since it is a feature in the middle of support, that part may be omitted, and client may be added as a necessary argument to instantiate the model after release. Also, other arguments may be changed to update the model. Therefore, we will not notify you about changes in arguments via CHANGELOG or other means.


MiPAC is provided with MIT LICENSE.

FOSSA Status

Documentation * Discord Server