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Misskey eBooks Bot with Markov Chain



This small python script is a Markov Chain eBooks bot based on the framework of MiPA

It can only write to Misskey. It is possible to read from Misskey, Pleroma or Mastodon instances.

It posts every hour on his own and reacts to mention. Every 12 hours the bot reloads the notes and recalculates the Markov Chain.

Operating mode

On the first start up the bot loads a given number of posts into his database and calculates the Markov Chain out of it. After this he only updates the database with new posts. The upgrading is threaded so the bot itself isn't interrupted while the new markov chain is calculated.


Host Installation

To run MiPA you must install python3.10onto your system. (Please be aware that not all programs on your system might work under Python3.10!) MiPA is still under development and a lot of things change there quickly so please be aware that there could be changes, that haven't been implemented in the bot yet! (I try my best to keep it up to date!) to install MiPAplease use the following commands: python3.10 -m pip install git+ python3.10 -m pip install git+

For the bot to run you also need a few additional packages


or just use the command python3.10 -m pip install -r requirements.txt in the local folder where you cloned the repo.

Before starting the bot, please copy example-bot.cfg to bot.cfg and configure it according to the configuration section below.

The best way to run it would be a systemd unit file and run it as a daemon. Just to test it you can use nohup python3.10 & in the directory the bot is located in.


To host this image with docker, copy the docker-compose.yml file to the directory that you want to host it from.

Next, you'll need to copy the contents of example-bot.cfg to bot.cfg in the same directory and configure it according to the configuration section below. Run touch markov.json roboduck.db in order to create the markov and database files before starting the docker container. These files must already exist before starting the docker container.

Then, simply run docker-compose up to start the app, or docker-compose up -d to start the bot in detached mode!

You can find the bot on Dockerhub just use docker pull fotoente/misskey-ebooks-bot:latest


Following things can be edited:

Name Values Explanation
users @username1@domain1.tld;@username2@domain2.tld The users you want to read the notes from, separated by semicolon (;). For single user just provide one username@domain.tld
instance_write domain.tld Put here the domain of the Misskey instance your bot is running. Only domain name and TLD, no /,: or https
token String The token from your bot. Needs right to write notes and read notification
cw String or None If the markov bot post should be posted with a content warning. Any String given here will show up as CW text. "none" to deactivate.
exclude_links boolean Should every link starting with http:// and https:// be removed? false as default
min_notes interger How many posts should be read at the initial start. Please state a number in 100 increments. Higher number means more variety but also more load when loading those and a bigger database and json file. 5000 notes resulted in ~3 MB disk space used. Default 5000
max_notes interger How many posts should be stored in the database. Everything over this number will be deleted during an update cycle Default 5000
includeReplies boolean Should reply included into the markov chain? Default True
includeMyRenotes boolean Should the notes you renoted be included? So your bot will use sentences for the markov chain you haven't written. Default false
excludeNsfw boolean Should be Notes included that are behind a CW Tag? Default False (Use with caution! The bot not CW any post he makes!)
test_output boolean Should be the created sentence be tested against the following statements? Default true (Highly recommended, otherwise sentences could repeat itself, could be very short or very long.)
tries integer How many times the bot tries to make a sentence that meets the given criteria
max_overlap_ratio float How many percent of the created sentence is allowed to be the same as the source text. Lower value means more gibberish, higher value to more exact copies of source material. Can be between 0and 1. Default 0.6
max_overlap_total integer How many words are allowed to be the same? Default 15
min_words integer How many words the sentence must have at least. Default None
max_words integer How many words the sentence must have at maximum. Default None

Changes to the Markov chain section of the .cfg-file will have immediate effect. Changes to the misskey part of the *.cfg-file, requires a restart of the bot. If an option is missing from the misskey part of the config file, the default values will be used.

Known Quirks

  • The startup needs quite some time. On my system about 10 seconds. You know that everything runs well when the first Note is posted.


Shibao - Docker support and bug hunting
Yupix - MiPA framework and clean code
Nullobsi - Added multi-user support
ThatOneCalculator - Option to CW the posts

Thank you very much! Without your this project wouldn't be on this level!