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Misskey Custom Emoji Counter


This little script counts custom emojis and used reactions from the previous day and automaticaly creates a note on your Misskey account with an overview. There is also an option to include reaction emojis in the counts too.

All notes will be send with a content warning note, because some clients can't handle a big number of emojis!

Example Note (with counting of Reactions activated):


Clone the repository into a folder of your choice with git clone Edit the file example-miceco.cfg (see table below) and save it as miceco.cfg

Install following Python packages via pip install


or use pip install -r requirements.txt in the cloned folder

You are now ready to run the script with any Python3 version.

I recommend using a cronjob to let it run on a daily basis. In your console type crontab -e Add 0 9 * * * python3 /path/to/file/ > /path/to/file/miceco_output.txt The script will now be run every day on 9:00am server time.

Available flags

There are two flags that can be used to specify which external files the script gonna use

Flag Long name controlled behaviour
-c --config What configuration file should be used.
Without this flag miceco.cfg will be used.
-i --ignored Which emojis should be ignored.
Without this ignoredemojis.txt will be used

Options for the config file

Name Values Explanation
instance domain.tld The domain name for your Misskey instance that you want to read the notes from. Only supply the domain name and TLD, no /,: or https
user username The user you want to read the notes from
token String The token for your bot. Needs permission to write notes
getReaction Boolean Should reactions emojis be counted as well? True or False
ignoreEmojis Boolean Should Emojis that are specified in ignoredemojis.txt be ignored? Trueor False
noteVisibility String How should the note be shown in the Timeline? public: Visible for everyone
folowers: only visible for your followers
specified: Only you can see it

Other notes

The script is written in a way that only the notes and reactions from yesterday(!!!) are caught and counted. There is no option currently to specify the date range for collection.

The exact timestamp to get yesterday is determined by the timezone of your server. At the moment there is no way to change the timezone.

If the note is longer than the maximum note length of the instance, then only the five most used emojis (and five most used reactions) will be shown.